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  • 2009年 Nature(Nature, 2009 Aug 20;460(7258) 1011-5
    A highly annotated whole-genome sequence of a Korean individual
  • 2010年 Nature Genetics(Nat. Genet 2010 May;42(5), 400-5)
    Discovery of common Asian copy number variants using integrated high-resolution array CGH and massively parallel DNA sequencing
  • 2011年 Nature Genetics(2011 July;43,745-752)
    Extensive genomic and transcriptional diversity identified through massively parallel DNA and RNA sequencing of eighteen Korean individuals
  • 2012年 Genome Research(2012 Mar; 22(3),436-45)
    A transforming KIF5B and RET gene fusion in lung adenocarcinoma revealed from whole-genome and transcriptome sequencing
  • 2012年 Genome Research(2012 Nov;22(11),2109-19)
    The transcriptional landscape and mutational profile of lung adenocarcinoma

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